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Gate to gems of Aegean ; Bodrum Airport

Milas Bodrum Airport is known as an international airport located in the Milas district of Muğla city. The airport serves passengers in the Bodrum district. Every year, millions of people prefer this airport to have a holiday in Bodrum. In addition, the airport accepts passengers not only from Turkey but also from Europe and America.

Milas Bodrum airport, which started operating in 1980, was serving small planes due to geographical conditions. In addition, the airport had a short runway. However, when the Bodrum district began to be visited by millions of people for holiday purposes, the airport began to be developed.

Milas Bodrum Airport is shown as one of the most important airports in Turkey with its international terminal built recently. The airport is being renewed day by day and has a dynamic structure.

Where is Bodrum Airport ?

Location of Milas Bodrum Airport

Milas Bodrum Airport is named after the districts of "Milas" and "Bodrum" where it is located. The airport has provided the development of the tourism sector in this region. It is also shown as one of the important structures for Turkey.

Milas Bodrum Airport is close to all Aegean cities. In this way, tourists visiting Turkey can go to all Aegean cities through Milas Bodrum Airport. For this reason, it is one of the most preferred airports by tourists from abroad. Finally, Milas Bodrum Airport is also very close to Turkey's most important holiday centers.

Distance of Milas Bodrum Airport to Important Areas

We have said that Milas Bodrum Airport is very close to many tourism centers. For example, places such as Aydın, Didim, Kuşadası, and Söke, which are the most distinguished areas of Turkey, can be reached very easily via Milas Bodrum Airport. In addition, the airport is 32 km from Bodrum town, 12 km from Milas, and 82 km from Didim town.

Milas Bodrum Airport was previously preferred only by passengers who wanted to go to Bodrum district. But nowadays it is preferred for many holiday regions and different cities. There are also many hotels and cafes around Milas Bodrum Airport

Bodrum Airport terminals

Bodrum Airport International Terminal

The terminals in Bodrum Airport are divided into two as domestic and international terminals. The international terminal is one of the most preferred areas in the airport. The international terminal section covers a total area of 95,683 square meters. There is a limit of 114 buses in the park.

Bodrum Airport's international terminal provides service only to international passengers. The terminal capacity is calculated as 5 million passengers. There are 66 check-in counters in total. Passport checks are carried out at 18 different points.

The luggage handling system has a total luggage capacity of 5,000. The system includes an automatic sorter, 2 baggage carousels, an explosion detection system, and five baggage delivery carousels.

Bodrum Airport Domestic Terminal

The domestic terminal of Bodrum Airport is calculated as a total of 16,500 square meters. The parking area is known as 13,500 square meters in total. Bodrum Airport has a total of 26 check-in counters in the domestic terminal.

Milas Bodrum Airport has a luggage capacity of 2000 in the domestic terminal. It is known that there are 4 baggage claim carousels for sorting incoming baggage. Finally, there are 2 manual carousels for outgoing baggage sorting.

Bodrum Airport CIP Terminal

If you say that the standards are not for me, there is also a CIP terminal at Bodrum Airport. You can wait for the completion of your passport control in a tastefully furnished, crowd-free environment, and start or end your holiday with priority.

Where to eat at Bodrum Airport?

Milas Bodrum Airport is also very famous for its food and beverage places. Especially can find everything they are looking for in these places. There are two cafes called ‘’Drivers’’ and ‘’Henry’’ where you can eat and drink some things. In addition, a lounge called ‘’Promeclass’’ serves you in the domestic terminal of Milas Bodrum Airport.

The world-famous Starbucks brand is located in Milas Bodrum Airport with a cafe. In addition, Simpark brand, which is also famous abroad, serves you at the airport.

In addition to all these food and beverage places, there are two cafes called "Taste Anadolu" and Turkish Do&Co, where local dishes and drinks are served. You can visit these unique places and have a pleasant time.

Which airlines flies to Bodrum Airport?

Many companies provide service at Milas Bodrum Airport. These companies host passengers in both the domestic and international terminal areas. The most famous of these companies is known as "Onur Airlines". Onur Airlines allows you to travel to almost any country. In addition, many famous brands such as "Eurowings GMBH" and "Pegasus Airlines" can go to Germany, which is frequently visited via Milas Bodrum Airport. We examined which company you should use according to the area you want to go to.

France: ASL Airlines France SA

Holland: Corendon Airlines, Transavia Holland B.V

England: Easy Jet, Thomsonfly

Sweden: Sas Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Scandinavia A/S

Italy: Freebird Airlines, Pegasus Airlines

Poland: Ryanair Sun, Enter Air

Russia: Azur Air Russia, Ural Airlines

İstanbul: Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global

Ankara: Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines

It is quite easy to reach the city center from Milas Bodrum Airport. People can find a bus to the city center as soon as they get off at the airport. It is possible to go to the city center from Bodrum airport by bus called "HAVAŞ".

HAVAŞ buses go to "Güvercinlik", "Torba Yolu" and "Bodrum Bus Terminal", respectively. There are two-way bus services on buses.

Journeys with HAVAŞ buses take approximately 45 minutes. This time varies depending on the traffic. In addition, the bus ticket fee is known as 17.50 liras. In addition, minibus services are organized from Bodrum Milas Airport. You can easily go to the city center with these minibus services.

Taxis are available at Milas Bodrum Airport to get to the city center. Taxis can take you to the city center at very affordable prices. If you have a large number of suitcases, the taxi option at Milas Bodrum Airport will be the right choice.

How to skip passport queue in Bodrum Airport?

Of course, you don't have to wait in the passport line. But only with our service. You can avoid the hassle of waiting in the passport queue by making a reservation for our welcome and farewell services. By purchasing this service, you can also benefit from the assistance service.



Are you ready to pass through the gateway to the gems of the Aegean?

Bodrum Airport is one of the most important airports in Turkey. For this reason, both the domestic terminal and the international terminal areas have been carefully designed and built. People can easily find everything they need at these terminal points.

High-volume baggage measurement points are among the advantages offered to passengers. In this way, passengers can easily measure the weight of their belongings, even if their luggage is very heavy. In addition, since there are many check-in points, passengers can complete their transactions without waiting in line.

There are many social activity centers within the airport. There are many centers, from beverage and food outlets to game rooms. In this way, people can wait for their planes without getting bored.

The most important aviation companies in the world serve you in Bodrum Airport. In this way, your travels can always be safe and comfortable. In addition, ticket prices are much more affordable than ticket prices in Europe.

Finally, the transportation services at Bodrum Airport are highly developed. The bus company called "HAVAŞ" takes thousands of passengers to the city center during the day. In addition, the minibus service continues 24/7 at the airport. For those who want a private trip, it is possible to find a taxi at the airport at any time of the day.